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WATER is the quintessential element of purification, the subconscious mind, love and emotions, and his magic was considered by almost every culture and ancient civilization the primary element for life, an element linked to the pleasure , friendship, marriage, fertility, healing, sleep and dream.
Virtues of the water: calm and temperance.



EARTH is the element harmonizing and balancing for excellence.
The Earth is both maternal and nutritious, and also practical, concrete, solid and powerful. Fertile and creative, nourishing and luxuriant, embodies the characteristics of the womb that welcomes life and nourishes, and in a practical sense has the qualities of perseverance, patience and strength.



FIRE is a dynamic element, as it generates transformations, elevating them to a higher level of perfection.
The energy saturisce by fire is the very principle of life.
Passion, Desire, Love … all leads back to the fire burning … that allows the soul to soar free!



The ARIA has a fundamental role in the magical tradition as inside take place some important transformations which also involve other elements. Purifying element, msottile represents the dividing line between heaven and earth, the contact point between the spiritual and the material.